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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dancing by Lantern- continued

Realm hesataited. Did he really want to become part of the Dancers Of Seasons? But he had no choice. Reya had already joined, and he had already danced. So in a flat voice, he accepted his fate with a stonic expression and a flat " Yes." " Then let the fun begin!" Laughed a young woman. She pulled Reya and Realm into the circle. They danced like they where meant for it. The frost dissarpered, and green sprouts shot out of the cold ground. They chanted: Frost, fall away. Winter, be gone. Banish cold, welcome warmth. Flower shoots, come. Spring, hello."
A Little Background:
Realm isn't a dancer, and every girl who's joined the season dancers has eventually become cold and unfeeling. Sometimes this happens to the boys. Realm docent want this to happen to him or Reya.

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