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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elemental Academy

Here's the letter:
Welcome, (name)
We have found you host the rare ability to become an elemental. Would you like to learn magical powers in a school surrounded by magical plants and creatures? If so, return the form below. We will provide you housing, clothing, and food in a space until you complete our tests.
The Fire Elemental
Heated Fire
Head of the Elemental school's Light side
The Night Elemental
Zorzin Star
Head of the Elemental school's Dark side
The form:
Favorite element:
Favorite color:
Night or Day?
Light or Dark?
Favorite mythical creature:
By the way: Elements are not things like fire, water, or earthy, but things like stone, shadow, wave, salt, anger, and so forth. More on Elemental Academy later!

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