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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Jackolopes, Chapter 7, The Cure

In the night, the Jackolopes had turned back into themselves. They had also reached the bottom of the mountian, which they congratulated themselves on. The night was dark and starry, like dozens of tiny, white, flowers, which reminded Sky of a story his mother used to tell him. He told it to the others:

A long time ago, there was a star. It was so bright, all the others stars became invisible. They plotted against this star. Eventually, they killed the star. They all shone as brightly as before- they where glad. But the other star fell to earth, flaming. Where it fell, no one knew, but a wise dragon revealed it was in a great forest, surrounded by green grass. It grew into a white flower that could cure any burn. It was guarded by a white Jackolope with black horns. No one has dared to try to find it. Not yet, anyway.

" So we know what the cure is." Thought Deer. "We just need to find it."

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