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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hello.  I am Lena. This blog will be about books, the world, and books. I know I said books twice. Its to emphasize the point that this blog will be about books and the world- and stories. Stories are an
 important part of life. Tales about how the fox outwitted the human, how the ice  witch was melted in the sun but still killed the hero, how people can turn into animals. Scary stories by firelight are a part of life. Even though stories and tales are important, lets move on to animals. I love animals. Snakes, birds of prey(eagles, falcons), wild cats(tigers, lions, bobcats, cheetahs) and turtles(of all kinds) are my favorites. I have a pet snake, Firescale. He is a corn snake. He is red, orange, and white, with very little yellow and no black. I like books. They are fantastic. Like the character Matilda. She is in a book called Matilda. The author of the book is Ronald Dalh. He wrote other books, like The Witches and the BFG. I would give him the grand prize for writing if I could.

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