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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I said this blog would be about stories. And here I am, fulfilling my promise. I am a very bad storyteller, so don't be disappointed if you don't like this story. But I am going to tell you one anyway. So here it is.

                                       The Ruins of the Jungle

Deep in the Amazon, intertwined with the river, near the home of the bats, lies the Ruins of the home of the mystical race of the Jagur (pronounced Jay-gur). They were beings that had the arms, heads, tails, and could transform into jaguars. But one day........ true jaguars came. Well, not completely true jaguars. They had wings, and there strength could not be matched. The Jagurs quickly fell. But the imprint they had left on there home never faded. And that is where our story starts.

This part of the jungle where the Jagurs used to reside became known as the " Land sinkhole". 18 years after this nickname was established, a team of 6 explorers came. They had been sent to explore the land sinkhole and discover its secrets. Now, the world no longer believed in magic. Just a little reminder that will come important later. The team leader, Laura, established a few rules before they went. "First rule: Stay together." she announced."We might send someone to scout ahead, but the majority of the time we will be staying together. Second rule: don't waste supplies. And third rule: Always obey me." Then the doomed team plodded into the jungle.

As soon as they reached the home of the Jagurs, strange things started to happen. The team uncovered ruins of villages that seemed like home. There was a rule never to separate, as you know, but one man did. He ventured, alone, into the cave of the bats. They found him, feverish. He was moaning. As time went by, this man began to recover. But his skin took on a yellowish taint, his eyes becoming catlike slits, and his body grew spots. Soon, he became a Jagur. The same thing happened to everyone else on the team. This is the imprint the Jagurs left on there home. The Jagurs were once dead. Now they became alive again.

Did you like this story? If you did, please say so. Want to write a story of your own? Please write it here. I hope you enjoyed this story. If you did not, please write to me saying how to improve this story.

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