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Monday, February 10, 2014


A hole gaped in the frozen earth.The girl gasped weakly. Her hands failed around, grasping for a hold. Frost covered her features, once pretty, now ugly and marred. "You wouldn't dare." She gasped, reaching up to grasp solid earth. It crumbled when she touched it, falling into the bottomless pit. " Oh, yes I will." A voice responded. A man  peered over the side of the pit, grinning evilly. He reached downward, touching her hand, but doing nothing but slipping off a bracelet, with beads of sapphire and crystal, that she wore.  " I know what you really are." He said, peering at the bracelet as he spoke. " A winter spirit. To be precise, a spirit of ice. Ice spirits are deadly, with there freezing winds and blasts, frostbit instant, and the ability to freeze hearts. But I know the ice spirits downfall. They may be friends with fire, lava, and magma spirits, but the heat at the center of the earth will kill them."  The girl seemed to faint; how could he know? but she struggled on grasping for handholds. Ice appeared and spread wherever her fingers touched, but melted away. Heat steamed from the cracks in the walls. The man breathed steam; the heat through the wall increased. The ice seemed to melt. The ice spirit was dying. But then the ice spirit lept forward. She grabbed on to the mans arm and swung upward, kicking him in the face, leaping forward and spinning around. The ice seemed to stop melting; in fact, it seemed to be spreading. The girl kicked the man into the pit. The cold seemed to be thicker there. The man was dying. " You are the good guy, I am the bad one." She jeered. "Who is here to save you?"

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