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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Jackalopes, Chapter 4, The glass shard and the fall

As the jackalopes made their way down the slope, Dew begin to wonder about the piece of glass Jumpera had slipped into her paw. It had been a bright blue, the color of the ocean. It had been shaped like a star. The curiosity suddenly became to much for Dew to bear. She slipped a paw into her satchel and brought it out. The star glittered in the early morning light, a beautiful shape. It was so beautiful that  Dew, unfortunately, Did not pay attention to her surroundings.

Dew cried out, but there was nothing her party could do to save her. But then, something happened. A badly scratched eagle flew up toward them. As it reached ground, It turned into Dew. Dew might have survieded, but it was to late. She was already dying. "I think it was the star." Dew gasped, pressing the star into Poppy's paw. "No!" Cried Beetle. But it was to late. Dew was dead.

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