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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The jackolopes, chapter 5, the burial

Dew was buried under a willow, under the nearest stretch of paurie grass they could find. The star, however, was not buried with her. It was given to Beetle, who had been developing a (love) affair with Dew. The sunset fell onto Dews broken body. She was special. Unlike most Jackolopes, she had not been a solid color. Instead of the festive reds, pinks, oranges, or yellows; the calming, greens, blues, and whites; the dark blacks, greys, and browns; and all the colors in between, Dew had been a calming aqua, with white paws and small bursts of yellow all over her body. And no one, NO ONE, could match her soothing voice, and skill at cooking. After the funeral, when the jackolopes found shelter for the night in a dark, damp, cave, Beetle swore never to use the star. It was a promise he would soon break.

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