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Friday, December 20, 2013

Frost leapers

The wolf inched closer to the hawk. As it was pure white, with a tint of gray on its snout, it was not noticed and nearly invisible. Suddenly the wolf leapt out of cover. The hawk noticed the movement and took flight. The wolf leaped upward. A path of ice followed his feet, except that it disappeared a few seconds after touching his feet. He was a frost jumper, a wolf with supernatural powers over ice. This was his test. If he passed, he would become a frost leaper( the same thing, except with more control and more honor). If he failed, He would become a normal wolf. The stakes where impossibly high. A quick paw darted out. A high shriek pierced the air. Ice began to creep out of the wolfs paw. It froze the hawk, trapping its wings. The hawk fell to earth securely closed in the wolfs-Frozenflake was his name-jaws. "Good catch." Another, identical wolf padded up to Frozenflake. "Did I pass?" demanded Frozenflake. "Thats up to the elders to decide." Replied the other wolf, Snowleap. They slowly walked up a ridge into the camp- a huge network of underground tunnels. The wolves padded on until they reached three wolves sitting on a high ridge. "How did Frozenflake do?" one asked. Snowleap got right to the point. "He used his given powers in a way only a true Frost leaper would, covering the hawk in a sheet of ice once he touched it. He remained well hidden. He leaps high. But that was the only prey he could catch. The rest Frozenflake scared away. And he is not always well behaved." The three elders began to murmur. Finally, one stood up. "Frozenflake, go outside." He directed. Frozenflakes heart leaped. They only directed wolves to go outside if they where to become Frost  Leapers!

The wind ruffled Frozenflakes fur. The elders finally finished their chant. "From now on you will be known as Frozenleap."Frozenleaps heart soared. He was finally a Frost Leaper!


  1. Great Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are they snow wolves?

    1. MadaG: They are wolves that live in the moutian that have powers of Ice and Snow.