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Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection of possibilities

Today we watched the final video in a series of videos by a guy named Kyle Lambert. The videos are drawings of famous things, like Toy Story 3, paintings about famous people, and models. There is a argument about whether the drawings are real- they are a bit too realistic.The side I take in this argument is the side of the believers. Kyle Lambert might be a fraud-but he designed something amazing ether way.Whether the drawings are real or not, Kyle Lambert has amazing skill. If he drew them- amazing skill. If he delated the pictures piece by piece and made the video show it backwards- amazing skill. This shows us the possibilities the internet opens for us. Drawing amazing pictures. Watching videos. Writing- and reading- stories. But most importantly, Kyle Lambert lives in the UK-United Kingdoms. We live in the USA-United States of America. We would not have been able to make contact with Kyle Lambert if not for the internet. This shows us the internets importance.

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