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Friday, April 11, 2014

Dancing by Latern

The boy held up the lantern. It illumainted his pale face and the girl beside him. They seemed scared.  "Reya, are you ready?" The boy asked. " As ready as I'll ever be, Realm." The girl, Reya, replied, her face beaded with sweat. Then a tall, pale, black-haired woman appeared. She seemed to float. " Reya, Realm." The woman greeted them. " Are you ready to join the dance?" They nodded.
They danced fluidly as the wind, by light of lantern. As they danced, they chanted: " By light of lantern, banish fall. At strike of midnight, let frost spred. Night, frost, by light of lantern, summon winter." They, as one might guess, where bringing winter into being.

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