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Friday, April 11, 2014

Frost Leapers- How they name

This is an inside look on how Frost Leapers name each other. If you don't know what they are, read my post Frost Leapers.
3 small wolves raced down the tunnel. One black as night, another grey as smoke, the 3 white as stars. And sure enough.... " Night! I'm waaaaay ahead of you!" Shouted the grey wolf. " You where saying, Smoke?" Asked the white wolf as she sped ahead. "I'm ahead of both of you, Star!" Said the voice of the black wolf, who was ahead of them both.
" Do I really need to tell you?" asked Frozenleap. " Yes!" So Frozenleap begain his story.
We name our children based on their looks. So a particularly wide-eyed wolf might be named Owl. They have one-word names to symbolize that they are alone and not part of the pack. Then, as they reach maturity and the title of Frost Jumper, they grasp two-word names. It symbolizes that they are not alone; but the last parts are different from that of a Frost Leapers. They are: Night, Flake, or Jump. So that wide-eyed wolf might become Owljump. Then, if they pass their test, the last name changes, to symbolize the turn from Frost Jumper to Frost Leaper, and to show their full allegience with the pack. The names are: Leap, Ice, and Snow. So Owljump might become Owlleap. Smoke, Smokeflake, Smokeleap. Night, Nightjump, Nightice. Star, Starnight, Starsnow.

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