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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Meeting

The bronze dragons scales scraped against rough rocks as she settled down to become part of the circle. " This has gone to far" she hissed "Shark, you must STOP!" " But I thought you pledged yourself to the Revengie." was the chilling response, as a sapphire dragon slid around the corner. " I really did. We really did. And the punishment for betrayal to the Revengie, Chrome" he let the words settle down" Is death." Chrome jerked her tail back and fourth. With interest, some other dragons, mostly reddish-yellow, or brownish-gold, and the occasional black, leaned forward. " But I want to quit. This has gone to far!" Shark smiled grimly. " No, Chrome. You have gone to far. Good-bye." Chrome's dying scream as she fell down the cliff still echoes in some's minds.

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