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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Elkna and Tlisa are interviewed: Characters from eyes, by LenaG

These are the characters from my poem Eyes: Spirit of winter, Elkna; and her nemesis, spirit of summer, Tlisa.
For those who havent read it: my poem, Eyes

Deep in the night, A dragon lurks.
Her name is Elkna, spirit of winter.
Her Nemesis is Tlisa, spirit of summer.
Her eyes-
They swirl wildly,
They twist and turn
They are Blue, a cold, ice-like, Blue. 
They Hpytnotize you,
As they twist;
They remind you of the beauty of winter as you die.

Elkna and LenaG:
LenaG: So, is it true that you can transform into any winter-assciated animal?
Elkna: So thats what lies Tlisa has been spreading about me. NO! Only animals that live in the Arctic, like seals, snowy owls, foxes, polar bears, and elk.
LenaG: Do you have a dungeon?
Elkna: What are you thinking? Of course!
LenaG: Do you have animals servants?
Elkna: Yes! I make servants out of penguins, artic foxes, polar bears, snowy owls, and elk.
LenaG: Most valued trait?
Elkna: My coldness.

Tlisa and LenaG:
LenaG: Do you really hate Elkna?
Tlisa: Actualey, no! She just does alot of bad things to me, and I defend myself. You may notice that I never actually was on the offense.
LenaG: Do you have animal servants?
Tlisa: That would be cruel, right?
LenaG: What animals can you turn into?
Tlisa: Animals that live in the desert, animals who generally are at their livelist in summer, and birds of any kind
LenaG: Most valued trait?
Tlisa: My kindness


  1. That is a really awesome, and I mean awesome post! Would you mind if I copied you on the interview thing?

  2. Yes- but if you copy it exactly, give me credit. And yes.