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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Jackolopes, chapter 3, A shard of glass

5 jackalopes where departing to find the white flower, and unravel the meaning of the jackolope prophecy. They where departing next morning. The searchers were: Poppy, a old but wise and stable elder; A young healer skilled in the art of seeing, Dew; A especially fast finder, Beetle; Deer, a young jackalope who was skilled in planning and archery; and last, but not least, Sky, a trap detector and disabler. The good-byes where being said. Any moment now, the Jackolopes would leave. Just before the party began their journey downward, Jumpera limped out of her tent. She slipped a shard of glass into Dew's paw and left. Dew dropped the piece of glass into her satchel. None of them wondered or even bothered to look at the shard.

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