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Friday, January 24, 2014

An Audience

How do I feel about this Blog?
I, honestly, don't know. It feels strange sitting here, knowing that you are reading these words. But out of MemoryLand, and back into this post, Which I am going to use as a overview that everyone, not only me, can see. Because an audience needs info, right?
Including this, I have 14 posts. I have 32 labels. I have 10 gadgets. Today, I have 23 pageviews, yesterday I had none, last month I had 149 page views, In all, I have 332. I have three comments made by two people, on The Dragon Statues, Recovering, and Frost Leapers. I have gotten 50% percent of my pageviews from Safari, 31% from Google Chrome, 12% from Firefox, and 6% from Internet Explorer. I have a customized Ethreal template.
I am sorry if this sounds personal or by-the-numbers like.
P.S. Do you know P.S means post script?

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