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Monday, January 27, 2014

The jackolopes, chapter 2, Knowledge

" We only know the riddle." Responded the phoenix. "It goes something like this:
Silver moonlight
With Green Grass
Touches the EverGreen trees
Burns can be caused by the Sun
But healed at Moonlights paper-thin touch
 " It does not rhyme, but we think it means that a tall flower, surrounded by grass, in the EverGreen forest, is the cure. When it is touched to the burn, we think the burn will heal." "There is one problem, though." Piped up  the elder. "As far as we can see, there is not a drawback. Every legend has a drawback. The problem is, we canNOT find the drawback in this legend. Which means the searchers will have to be prepared for everything." "Poppy, does not that remind of the old jackolope prophecy?" Mentioned the other elder, drinking down the healing, but scalding, drink.

Bounding through the grass 
of its own kind
the searcher
sees moonlight
to heal the darkest fur
an antler like the fatal burn
finds the flower in the grass.
But join it with the phoenix riddle
or the prophecy will not last.

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