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Friday, January 3, 2014

The dragon statues

 The Dragons On The Shelf
On a shelf in the back of the store, there where statues of dragons. Chinese dragons, big dragons, small dragons, fire dragons, sleeping dragons, thin dragons, fat dragons, strong dragons, weak dragons. Awake, bathing, eating, hunting, mating, giving birth, sitting, flying, leaping, talking, climbing, the dragons pose's were never the same as another dragons. They where made of crystal, basalt, emerald, moonstone, diamond, stone, marble, ruby, bamboo, shale, gold, silver, bronze, brick, and one, just one, was made of sapphire. It was at the very middle and prized beyond belief. each dragon had a name inscribed on its base. For at midnight, when the shop was closed, The shop transformed into a dragon heaven. A zen garden, a mountian peak, hills, forests, and lots of prey, this heaven changing seasons each night. No dragons where ever bought or sold, for each night, the shop owners daughter asked a dragon if she could transform into it for the night. The dragons always said yes, and so each night, in a different dragon body, the shop owners daughter, Laupin, wandered around, and was content.

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  1. This is a good story. Could you make a ending and add suspension?