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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wings of Fire

Wings of fire is a book series about 7 dragon tribes at war. Queen Oasis of the Sandwings( I will inclose a Nightwing guide to the dragons of Pyrrhia at the next post, along with the prophecy ) was killed by a scavenger, and now her three daughters, Blister, Blaze, and Burn, are fighting over the throne. The Nightwings have made a prophecy that 5 dragonets, from different tribes, born on the brightest night, will rise up to stop the war and chose the next Sandwing queen. However, the Skywing egg was smashed and the dragon carrying it killed, so the a Talon of Peace(a underground peace movement that believes in the Prophecy and is determined to stop the war) go's out and gets a Rainwing egg as a replacement. This is a great series about dragons.

The books: The Dragonet Prophecy, narrated by Clay, the Mudwing Dragonet of Destiny. The Lost Heir, narrated by Tsunami, the Seawing Dragonet of Destiny. The Hidden Kingdom, narrated by Glory, the (mistaken) Rainwing Dragonet of Destiny, as a replacement for the smashed Skywing egg. The Dark Secret, narrated by StarFlight, the Nightwing Dragonet of Destiny. The Brightest Night, narrated by Sunny, the Sandwing Dragonet of Destiny. The Brightest Night will come out April or March 2014.
 Commentery on the Rival sisters: "Blaze is about as smart as a concussed sheep, Blister is probably plotting to become the Queen of all the tribes right now, and if Burn wins, she'll probably keep the war going just for fun." - StarFlight.

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